First and foremost;
what is liberty?
According to Google web dictionary, ''liberty'' simply means -

"The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life."

Or its synonym is ''freedom''. I'm well-aware that everyone has their own right; everyone has the right to voice out their inner freedom and has an urge to stand up for equality. I won't deny that because it's in fact a something that each one of us has. 

I've seen too much hubbubs lately, which attracted me to think deeper and revalue myself. In my humblest and infirm opinions, I shall say liberty or freedom should has its limit. I know most of you would say I'm being unfair but try to reconsidered what you've fight or fought for. It is worthwhile? Remember why that occurred in the first place; was it really meant or destined to be just the way it is? Most of occurrences and consequences were badly affected by humans' ideology or theories which changed what were No's to big big Yesses. 

If you're alert to current issues or incidents/occurrences in newspaper; you'd see so many malicious and evil actions and one of the reasons was those people were given too much freedom which feelings of fearless and ignorant arose in their soul- so apparently they misused their rights and turned into a gruesome and heartless tragedy. This is sad and a total heart-wrenching to me; as I thought people nowadays were being rather wise and rational; who could use every chances rightfully. However I was wrong. So in my opinion, in this case; we shall give a freedom its limit. Too much liberty could leads to wrong intentions. Humans, you know who we are; we are indeed a flawed and weak; there are times we cannot fight our lust; and let it controls ourselves. That is why we ought to have a little bit spiritual and belief inside; so that we could distancing ourselves doing shameful things. 

I am not very very saint or good, no I'm just as weak as you, and I'm a wrongdoer too. I did wrong and mistakes ; just like you did; but that doesn't mean I can't change. So rethink. Let's change to be better together :)

May peace be upon you.