A black door in front of you. Locked tightly. You were bedazzled and in a state of obfuscation. You didn't know where to run or hide. Your feet feel heavier than mountains. The room was festooned with lots of keys on ceilings. A real key to pursue dream was unknown. Millions of guesses were running through in your conscious mind, and at some point, you thought a key on left is the right one; albeit your soul denied. A little voice told otherwise, commanded you to choose a key in the left. So you picked up the left one. You tried. You succeed. Words of praises to the One repeatedly poured out from your cold lips. A minute you opened the door; you saw lights. You were bewildered. Everything was a bit surreal. Hundreds of balloons and chairs floating above you, there was a window pane on the Moon, and quite far from your decent eyes, it was an enormous door. As big as a hill where Jack and Jill went. Randomly, a rabbit hopped and brought a key. Another key. It was gold and shiny; big and heavy. Feet of yours walked rather slow, as if it was also frightened by what world would come up beyond that mysterious door. The key fitted in; you pushed the door. A long rainbow-colored bridge across the river of Tears. 

You didn't have no choice but to across it. 

You feel adequate.
For no particular reasons.
Freedom is yours.

Qurratul Ain.